Better Now

I drowned my woes in the splendor of forbidden snacks. 

I’ll tackle the data loss problem next week. As the wise creators of the “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” Christmas special so sagely opined: “There’s always tomorrow / To make dreams come true”. And, although not in Rudolph: “After all – tomorrow is another day.” And come to think of it, Cheetos look kind of like those sad, wizened, nasty carrots Scarlett was hurling up onto the gorgeously scenic destruction of Tara. Perhaps she just needed some grape soda to go with the carrots, and everything would have seemed so much more cheerful. Right?

Um… Never mind. 

Coming soon: stories

This blog is intended as a repository of the crazy stories I find while doing genealogical research. I will also be including those found by other researchers, and will always credit when possible (my mom, who’s done a great deal of the work, would kill me if I didn’t). What’s to come? Beheadings, adultery, incestuous marriages, royalty (on both the right and wrong side of the sheets) – and some normal folks as well.

(rubbing hands together) I’m looking forward to it.